Inspections, Commercial & Industrial

At Flying Scotsman UAS we provide Drones, which are also known as, Quadcopters or remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS).

These 'drones' provide us with the capability to capture high definition 4K aerial imagery, including photography and videography.

These can be used for high-level aerial imagery of your property, commercial building, or building site where safe access to the location may not be accessible.

All we require is a safe area to take off and land from, there are no requirements for working at height permits or access platforms such as scaffolds.

For more information on the safety of our services or for a free no-obligation quote, do not hesitate to contact us.


Tourism, Promotional & Commercial

Video is now an essential part of any marketing strategy, whether that is creative content for social media to raise brand awareness and demonstrate your services, raising conversion rates and helping your brand or company get noticed, or creating a video that will attract more tourists and visitors to your location, business or website.

We do this with the use of drone and handheld full 4k videography and photography, your story is told through creating amazing cinematography by listening to you and your business, we offer budget solutions to create video content that targets your market and helps you reach your goals.

See some of the examples to the right and start to discover your new heights.

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Calley Stadium.jpg
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Inverness Golf Club
Inverness Golf Club
Inverness Golf Club 7th Hole

Golf Courses

Golf is a passion of mine, so when it comes to making promotional content for clubs, it goes without saying it is one of my most enjoyable jobs.

Photography, videography, full 18 hole flyovers and 360 photos.

Have an Open or Club Championship coming up?

There is also the facility to live stream an event straight to the web.

This will ensure your club stays under par when it comes to having a variety of content for your members and visitors.


Looking for your next filming location and need a birds eye view of the area.

Our recon service will send out a scout to your desired location, combining the use of maps and photography and videography, our aerial recon missions will prove vital in your search for the perfect filming location.

We also have the ability to go rogue, and go hunting for you, all we need is a few location characteristics and we will find what you are looking for.

Aerial View of a Beautiful Property
Aerial View of an Estate Home
Aerial Photo of a Real Estate
Aerial View of a Suburb

Property & Real Estate

When it comes to selling property, residential and commercial, having outstanding aerial views allows the customer to see the property from a totally different perspective.

Through photography, videography and also virtual tours.

I work alongside your estate agent to give your potential buyer a birds eye view unlike no other.

*Client properties not shown for privacy reasons.